Perfect Presents for Your Modernist Mates*

Perfect Presents for Your Modernist Mates*

*DISCLAIMER: This list is exceedingly partial and does not seek to represent the full gamut of [m]odern(ist) authors. It is, for one thing, unashamedly Joyce-heavy. It is, essentially, my own Christmas wish list (hint, hint!). Oh – and some of the links are affiliate links, meaning that this meagre modernist earns a few extra pennies if you order an item by clicking through from this page.


In the words of Dorothy Richardson, ‘Christmas [has] now suddenly reared itself up a few days off, offering nothing but the shadow of an unavoidable interruption’. As Time Passes you are, no doubt, agonising over what gifts to bestow upon ‘Pep and Memmy and the old folkers’. Thus, below, I offer an attractive array of modernist mementos for your literary loved ones – the perfect presents for your bookish bros.

  1. If you’re waiting for your loved one’s triumphant return to ‘Ithaca’, or you’re so sick of their Joycean jabber that you relish the thought of wiping your feet on the damn writer’s words, this is the gift for you: a doormat emblazoned with Bloom’s musing, ‘Longest way round is the shortest way home’.


  1. If you know someone who likes to wear their love of literature on their sleeve, or perhaps on their lapel, this is the perfect present: a Virginia Woolf typewriter pin featuring the words ‘Books are the mirrors of the soul’.


  1. Who doesn’t love socks for Christmas? And, despite all his faults, it’s hard to dispute Gatsby’s status as a fashion icon.


  1. You should always judge a person by their cover. So why not buy the Joycean in your life this stylish t-shirt adorned with the terrific typographical artwork of McKnight Kauffer, featured on the front of the 1946 Random House edition of Ulysses.


  1. Wrap you significant other in obscenity and vice by adorning them with this brilliant banned books scarf.


  1. Although, by all accounts, James Joyce was more of a white wine man, this James Joyce Gin is hard to knock. Joyce – tick. Gin – tick. What’s not to love?!


  1. Their Eyes Were Watching you as you prepared your breakfast. Do you know someone who would love having Zora Neale Huston as their constant kitchen companion? If so, why not treat them to this fabulous fridge magnet/ finger puppet.


  1. Watch Woolf, as Time Passes, with this oh so appropriate – and rather pretty – Woolfian wall clock. Perfect for the Mrs Dalloway in your life. Don’t let her buy the clock herself!


  1. Whether you’re on wife number one or celebrating your first winter with your second Mrs de Winter, your spouse is bound to love this beautiful Daphne Du Maurier mug.


  1. As the days get shorter and the dark descends, is your modernist mate finding it hard to motivate themselves? Well, here’s the perfect solution. Get them going with this motivational (?) Beckettian writer’s block.


  1. Make a room of your own a room of their own by gifting this Woolf cushion to your beloved Woolfian.


  1. Feeling flush? Splash out on this rare first edition of the good book (Ulysses) and you’ll forever be in your Joycean’s good books.


  1. Why not emulate Molly Bloom and buy your own hirsute Poldy a vintage moustache cup?

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